Here are 5 things you shouldn't post on social media when on vacation

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From a simple weekend away at the cottage to a month-long Europe trip, planning and going on a vacation is always exciting. But in our ever-increasing digital world, it’s important to know what you shouldn’t share online. Being cautious of what you share online could help keep your home and your possessions safe while you’re away. Here is a list of five things you should not post on social media when you head out on vacation.

1. A countdown for your trip

Excited for your holiday that’s 12 days away? Of course you are. But that doesn’t mean you should post a countdown to your social network. Doing so could take out the guesswork for potential burglars of when you’ll be away from home. Keep the excitement internal and your home will thank you.

2. Your vacation details

You probably have a few hundred friends on your Facebook list. But they aren’t all close family and friends, and unfortunately, you might not be able to trust everyone. Making people aware that you won’t be at home could be just the invitation a thief was waiting for. In fact, police state that criminals are increasingly using Facebook to identify potential victims1.

3. Personal possessions

Perhaps you’re over the moon about a new 70” 4K TV or want to show off your latest family vehicle. Although you may think you’re sharing this news with just a few friends, posting photos and detailed information about your possessions could get in the hands of the wrong person. When you head out on vacation, who knows who may be eyeing that shiny new TV?

4. Your travel companions

It’s always fun to travel with others, and of course you’ll want to capture photos of your adventures to look back and remember for years to come. But try saving them for a printed photo book, instead of sharing them online. Tagging your fellow travellers in pictures or videos can alert their social networks that they are not currently in their home.

5. Your current location

Without even knowing it, you may be revealing your location to the world every time you upload a photo or post a comment, making it easier for people to scope out your home for a robbery. Find out how you can turn off the location settings and geotagging on your devices before your trip, so you can worry less when you head out on vacation.

Despite your best efforts, if you arrive home and find someone has entered or stolen items from your home, you can have comfort knowing that Servus Insurance Services | Home and Auto is always there to help. You can reach us any time, day or night, to begin your claim.


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